Do you want to be readily and instantly available for customers through every channel? Then, Conversational AI is your first and best option. So, for companies who wish to excel at customer contact and delivering the best customer experience, it’s only logical to push the Conversational AI pedal full throttle right now. 

From immersive brand experiences to virtual assistants that help with purchase decisions and answer customer service questions, we are your partner for conversational solutions across the entire customer journey. Our virtual assistants work on voice interfaces such as Google Assistant, as well as chat interfaces like WhatsApp, and even allow customers to continue their conversation seamlessly across interfaces. Find out how cost reduction, the best customer experience and a stronger brand and sales performance go hand in hand.  

Be a frontrunner in automated customer contact now, and you’ll be the first in your market to communicate with customers 24/7, omnichannel and at any desired scale. This way, not only are you building a valuable relationship with your customers, but also a competitive edge. We help you create a strong foundation to achieve long-term success by crafting a conversational vision, strategy and roadmap to help focus on the right use cases and projects. Whether it’s a relatively simple FAQ chatbot for instant customer service or a multi-modal conversational experience that’s connected to your CRM-systems, including a human handover for more complex conversations, it should all ladder up to your ambitions as defined in the Conversational Strategy. 

​As one of the very few, we’ve been pioneering in the development of Dutch voice agents. And we’ve expanded our conversational portfolio rapidly ever since. Now, we’re developing conversational solutions for mono-brand or multi-brand, products or services. In English or multilingual. And fully integrated within your marketing mix. Our certified copywriters have completed the renowned Conversational Design Institute training. They can therefore guarantee a flawless and effective conversation on all interfaces, using the language and tone of voice of your brand(s).

Greenhouse creates award-winning, automated dialogues and has early access to the most advanced AI available through Google’s Dialogflow. More than that, we're proudly contributing to the very development of Dialogflow CX as Alpha users.! Do you want to find out what this means for your brand? 

  • Increase in revenue + branding. Chatbots and voice bots have become vital assets to the digital decision process of your customers. By developing conversations that assist during their orientation process, we can help them make their purchases more easily. As we’ve done for Vodafone Business, by creating a chatbot that increases the conversion ratio, and seamlessly generates direct leads through a smart Salesforce CRM integration. And how about the award-winning voice brand experiences we’ve developed, such as the Donald Duck action - consisting of Donald Duck trivia and the funniest jokes from Duckberg? Not forgetting those creative and entertaining voice experiences we’ve created for other popular brands like Red Bull, Unilever, Chocomel and TOTO are part of our fast-growing portfolio.

  • Improving customer experience. You want your clients to easily and directly get in touch with your company, instead of having them wait until next Monday or until a service agent is available again. That’s why, for Volkswagen we’ve developed a voice application that makes it possible for customers to easily make a car service appointment. Thereby making the human customer service agent’s work more interesting as well: they can deal with the more complex questions.

  • Cost reduction. The average human-to-human service conversation will cost somewhere between 5 and 15 euros. Which is pretty expensive, considering how easy it is to automate the answers to FAQs, make answers consistent and optimize them constantly. And if a bot cannot answer a certain complex question, a human handover is quickly made. For Opel we’ve developed a chatbot that directly gives a reliable answer to FAQs, without ever requiring a human agent to step into the conversation.
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