Greenhouse CXO provides you with the insights you need to accelerate your business and get an optimal consumer experience. In the past few years alone, we’ve grossed more than 10 Dutch and global awards for doing this together with our clients.

CXO used to be called CRO, Conversion Rate Optimization. What does CXO add to CRO, apart from that one letter? Well, CXO (Consumer eXperience Optimization) is about combining qualitative and quantitative research with optimization methods (A/B testing), to learn what will work best to grow your business. Our multidisciplinary team can help you discover the why and provide feasible advice on how to provide an optimal consumer experience. 

You want to provide an optimal consumer experience for your visitors, which in the long term will definitely play a role in growing a healthy business. Then optimizing your consumer experience is about asking and discovering what your users are looking for and how you can better help them. And we believe we can achieve the best results when you are actively involved in this process.

Applying CXO to grow your business, is all about:

1 Goals. We start by defining success together with you. So you can answer your business and research questions, or grow your business.

2 Research. We create a research design, integrating quantitative and qualitative research. And start with analyzing how your visitors move on your website with behavioral data, and how visitors experience your content with feedback tools (such as usabilla, hotjar, crazy egg, mouseflow). Last but not least we proceed by deep diving into sharable usability or market research you have conducted already over the last year. The output of this research phase is a hypotheses backlog that’s ready to test.  

3 Validation. With your hypotheses backlog we start the validation phase in which we A/B test the most impactful of your hypotheses, so you can implement actionable solutions. Depending on the hypothesis, some tests are even fully personalized experiences.

4 Learning. With all these insights and validated learnings we have learned what works for your business. That’s when we go back to defining success for the next steps of the process.

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