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Our goal is always to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue with the shortest possible time-to-market, and as cost-efficiently as possible.

At Greenhouse we look at the added value of marketing, advise you how you can best distribute your budget and how you can get the most out of it. But we also examine how websites can be optimized, how you can implement personalization, and how you can apply psychological insights. Qualitative data is indispensable in order to understand where your revenue comes from and who your most important customers are. In short: we know how you can gather relevant data about your website and marketing, and how you extract valuable insights and next steps from this.

Our data consultants translate your challenges and present them to a strong team of data scientists, analytics experts, market researchers, as well as CXO and dashboarding experts. A team that knows exactly how to make data and insights work to your advantage. Not only are we proficient in statistics, AI and the newest technologies, we also link this to more than twenty years of digital marketing experience. The very combination between specialist knowledge and years of experience is what makes us so strong. Ultimately, it’s not about using the coolest data and tech solutions and analyses (even though we’re awesome at that), but about helping our clients.

1  Combine. We combine our knowledge about data with our hands-on marketing experience.

2  Broad insights. From branding to sales, we provide broad customer insights for data-driven marketing, always in combination with media, content and creation.

3  The right message, moment and person. We believe that all disciplines should work together to get to an optimal result. In data context that means that even if your message is clear, have a fantastic design and the media you bought is perfect, you should ask yourself what you’re striving and optimizing for if your data isn’t in order.

4  Proven, new, everything. We don’t think in a set number of solutions but depending on the client wishes we adjust our services. In the case of a product, this can be proprietary tech, or tech from an external party.

5  Join forces. We think it’s important that justice should be done to all insights and tech solutions. This means that the right people are involved in the process from development to delivery, whether these people are part of your organization, Greenhouse or a different external party.


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