Marketing Technology

Today, the digital mediaplan shows more fragmentation in advertising platforms, which is caused by a multitude of things: the desire to own exclusive data & content, further digitalization of channels and screens, as well as big changes in privacy legislation and the ethics related to this. Global players, with their Walled Gardens, control the game and have put up high walls around their fragmented gardens. Also, more and more players are entering the market, using closed advertising ecosystems, decreasing the open character of the advertising landscape greatly. Advertisers that don't know how to deal with a moving as well as scattered target, will face heavy consequences when it comes to their digital growth and reach. 

Starting with a unique client goal in mind, we always find the optimal mix of advertising platforms and ad technology for our clients. And we always put the use case first, not technology itself. At all times will Greenhouse make sure that advertisers remain in control over their ad technology and that they will get transparant insights, together working towards a healthy and futureproof digital mediaplan, always tested using a uniform measure for all channels. 

Greenhouse integrates this into its multiplatform strategy and makes a difference by:

  1. Track record. Over a decade of experience in programmatic and advertising technology. 
  2. Agnostic. One truth over all channels, thanks to a central and uniform measurement.
  3. Always ready-to-go. Detailed cross-platform dashboarding to switch from insight to action instantly. 
  4. Scale. Our agency scale puts us in a unique position, where we can add value both when it comes to media investment as well as proprietary technology.
  5. Specialists. 70+ multi-platform trained media specialists make it happen in a world dominated by technology.
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