Tune in Tuesday


Tune in Tuesday is your weekly dose of knowledge and inspiration about online marketing topics. Everything will be discussed; Data, Conversational, Marketplaces, Augmented Reality and more! Tune in for cool cases, conversations and Q&A's. Sign up for an event? Register via Eventbrite. One hour before the event you will receive a link to the stream.

... to be continued... behind the scenes we're working hard to give our Tune in Tuesday-concept a new life. Stay tuned!


For those who would like to see a Tune in Tuesday one more time, we have captured earlier editions in the links below. 

April 28th  Analytics Q&A | Watch it here
May 12th   Marketplaces tips & tricks |  Watch it here
May 19th   Award winning cases in voice | Watch it here
May 26th   How to connect digital and physical with AR 
June 2nd   Fluid Filming | Watch it here
June 9th    Conversational; The future of the contact center | Watch it here
June 23rd  Marketplaces - Amazon's next threat: who will it be? | Watch it here
June 30th  Conversational - Research: Kantar's voice use research | Watch it here
July 7th     Labs/Creative: Virtual Influencers, AI Copywriters and other topics | Watch it here
July 14th   The Greehnouse way of looking at Employer Branding | Watch it here
July 21st   Conversational: How to use conversational display ads in your customer journey? | Watch it here
July 28th   DCO - Dynamic Creative Optimization | Watch it here
August 4th Marketplaces - Amazon NL - Advertising opportunities tips & tricks | Watch it here
August 11th Conversational - How to prevent & automate human contact at your center? | Watch it here
August 25th CXO - How to optimize and innovate at times of uncertainty | Watch it here
September 8th  Content Partnerships - Podcastas: here to stay or only a hype | Watch it here
October 27th   Marketplaces - Getting ready for the holidays on marketplaces | Watch it here

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