Dutch Heart Foundation


In the Netherlands, each year around 17 000 people suffer from cardiac arrest outside of the hospital. If the right help is provided within 6 minutes, the chance of survival is the largest.


To save more lives, the Dutch Heart Foundation, together with Philips, introduced BuurtAED.nl; a crowdfunding platform where neighbors collectively raise money for an AED in their neighborhood. An ambitious initiative, because no less than €1500 has to be collected per AED. To increase awareness and urgency, we collaborated with local WhatsApp and Facebook groups. This enabled us to personally approach and activate the most involved residents of a neighborhood. In addition, we created various forms of (dynamic) content around the BuurtAED.nl platform based on behavioral data, with a focus on smart (geo) targeting and constant optimizations.



After only 3 flights no less than 4 058 neighborhoods have already taken action.

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Which equals around 11.5 per municipality. More than € 2.1 million in donations has been raised and over 1 485 new neighborhoods have their own AED. This way, we have made the Netherlands a lot safer.

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Golden Content Grand Prix award 

Silver DIA award

Bronze Effie award