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For 67 years, Dutch children have been reading the crazy adventures of Donald, Daisy, Scrooge McDuck, the nephews, Gyro Gearloose and all the other residents of Duckburg. Also digitally, the brand innovates as their portfolio includes a typing course and the educational game DuckWorld. The next step turned out to be a voice experience, developed by the conversational experts at Greenhouse. Where readers suddenly become conversation partners of their favorite magazine.

How do you stay relevant for a digital native target group, without losing sight of the printed content and the reach of the target group? And how can we extend and enhance the Donald Duck weekly moment?


As an enrichment of "the happiest weekly magazine", Greenhouse developed a voice experience for DPG Media. Because unlike a large part of the target group, the Donald Duck Magazine was not yet present on the Google Assistant. There we saw an excellent opportunity within the game domain: with correct optimization, someone can call up a game via the command: "I want to play a game". Such a game achieves an average of 10,000 conversations per month and also reaches users who do not specifically ask for "The Donald Duck".

The voice concept was: an interactive Donald Duck Quiz and an option to ask for jokes. (More concepts will follow in the near future.) We decided to unite both the quiz and the jokes in one Google Action. Both can be called with the command: "Hey Google, I want to talk to the Donald Duck." (Where the word "the" is added to emphasize that people do not quack with the duck, but with the magazine.)

To enhance the experience, we used recognizable music and sounds from DuckWorld and almost everything is spoken by an already existing character: Kris Kwis.

During the development of the Google Action we decided to make use of the DuckDenkers (DuckThinkers). A group of more than 1500 readers, who contribute ideas to the magazine. Their valuable feedback has been processed in the final version. For example, we noticed that both concepts were well received, but the first version of the quiz contained too many answer options.




would recommend the Donald Duck jokes (target: 50%)


would recommend the Donald Duck Quiz (target: 50%)

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Thanks to the combination of the successful launch, claiming the gap in the market around the game domain, the complete experience and the extensive content, the Google Action of The Donald Duck has exceeded all expectations.

(All stats have been updated February 29th.)

  • 51% of all DuckThinkers have talked to the Google Action (17% have done so more than 10 times).
  • High rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (33 votes; goal: at least 4 out of 5 stars). 
  • Due to the comprehensive content (more than 800 questions and over 30 riddles and jokes), users keep coming back. We even see dozens of users play longer than 1 hour in one session.
  • Total number of conversations: 216 816.
  • Total number of unique users: 112 000.
  • Total number of interactions: 2 160 416.
  • Average interaction time: 3 minutes and 57 seconds.
  • Recurring users (week on week): 12%
  • Furthermore, shortly after launch, the voice application was voted "App of the Week" by NUjunior.

But of course the fans have the final say:

Xanthe (10) mainly wanted to hear the jokes. "If you're grumpy, you can hear a joke right away." DuckDenker Kristina (11) would secretly practice for the Duck Quiz and then play with the rest of her family: "Then I already know all the answers!" Odilia (9) would also like to use the app at home, but not on Mondays: "Then I have football practice."


*Source: Survey among a client panel of 326 DuckThinkers

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Golden Spin Award  - Category AI & Voice