Even when a renowned car brand like Volvo claims something about a new model, this model only really comes to life during a test drive. Convincing urban professionals of the brand new Volvo XC40 is not an easy task. Experiencing a car is very important, but a test drive does not fit in with the busy life of consumers.


If we cannot bring the target group to the test drive, we will bring the test drive to the target group. We transformed the city center of Amsterdam into a true showroom by having eight brand new Volvo’s drive through the city and enabling the consumer to get in without any problems. The XC40 could be seen on all digital out-of-home displays in the area. The consumer was able to follow the cars via interactive screens. A test drive was booked with a mobile app.

Due to geo-targeted ads the XC40 appeared on mobile phones in the area. The video recordings of the test drives were shared on social media. We used connected devices, because the media use of the target group fits in perfectly with that.

The central point of this campaign was our target group: they were served as they pleased. During the test drive, Volvo Pro Drivers rode along to answer questions about the apps and special features of the car.




The number of test drives was 104 after just one day. An absolute record for Volvo.

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Even more good news: the total stock of XC40s was quickly sold out, with a sales peak during the campaign. Within a year Volvo was the leader in the SUV-XS segment with a 32% share. Our target of  20% has been exceeded enormously.

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